Exercise For Diabetic Patients

Exercise will lower blood glucose and perhaps reduce the amount of medication you need to take for diabetes, or even eliminate the need for medication. In some people, exercise combined with a meal plan, can control Type 2 Diabetes without the help of medications.

  • Any physical activity like walking, jogging, aerobics, gym workouts, cycling and swimming etc should be done for 30 minutes, at least five days in a week.
  • Yoga along with physical activity will give excellent results.
  • Early morning exercise is preferable. If not possible any time of the day is acceptable, but minimum of 2 hour time interval should be maintained between last meal and exercise. Try to exercise at the same time every day for the same duration.
  • If you use insulin, exercise after eating, not before. Monitor your blood sugar during exercise.
  • Don't exercise when your blood sugar is more than 300 mg and less than 70 mg.

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