foot-care Never walk bare foot. Wash the feet daily with soap and water Dry the feet gently with soft towel especially between the toes.If patient cannot see properly, tell some relative to inspect the feet daily for cuts, boils, blisters, callousities and new pressure points.
If the skin is dry, apply a mild lubricant such as coconut oil, Vaseline or cold cream daily before retiring to bed. If feet are cold at night, NEVER apply hot water bottle or heat pads or soak in hot water. You can wear socks with loose upper elastics. Wear shoes with a wide toe box. If foot needs an insole, than extra depth is needed, then customizes footwear is to be made.
Do not cut corns or callouses at home. Cut nails straight across. Do not use adhesive tape or chemical agents on feet. Use cotton socks only. Do not use socks having tight elastic on it. As it will hamper circulation in the legs. Use only leather only shoes. Feel the medical, lateral & inside of the shoe and shake out your shoe before wearing them. Purchase shoes in the evening because by the swelling of the feet has developed.
Gradually break into new shoe by wearing them for a short time only, to start with .Inspect feet after removal, if flushing, then stretch it. Do not wear sandals with thongs in between the toes. Consult me if you develop sores, blisters, wound or any change in color. Avoid tobacco in any form. Take regular exercise, it improves blood circulation. Avoid tobacco in any form.
As most of the foot problems in a diabetic are preventable, educating the patient about his problem is of foremost importance. He ought to be fully aware about regular monitoring of blood sugar levels thereby reducing complications, he ought to be fully aware that NOT having pain in a wound is a BAD sign and not a good one, he ought to be fully aware that prompt diabetic foot treatment can make a difference between saving a foot or losing a foot.the list is endless. All this requires time and a holistic approach.

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